The Mu-Len Car Seat

Make your drive comfortable! Mu-Len drive car seats support passenger's body firmly with its cushioning properties similar to those of muscle, and do not make us tired.
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In the manner that a sailboat's sail catches the wind, this seat disperses and absorbs the forces of inertia and vibration being conveyed from the road's surface while driving.
Compared to conventional urethane foam cushions, which "have internal damping but are basically a spring structure", this tensile structure gives the passenger a feeling of firm fit and support, creating an entirely new level of comfort.
When the same posture is maintained for long periods of time, such as during a long-haul drive, pressure is applied at the same points on the seat surface, which hinders blood circulation, causing discomfort and pain.
The 3D-NET material used in the Mu-Len Drive Car Seat has cushioning properties similar to those of muscle, so it allows for flexibility in the posture while at the same time providing postural support. Pressure is reduced by flexure of the bony projection in the buttock area, and the sitting surface of the passenger's body is firmly supported across its entire surface, reducing pressure points to the circulatory system.
Pressure points with urethane foam Pressure distribution with 3D-NET
Because a seat surface doesn't become damp, sweat is less likely to accumulate in the back and hip areas, even during a long drive. Even in the event that some sweating did occur, the surface does not become sticky, so a comfortable ride may still be enjoyed.
3D-NET is a new, cutting-edge material that Delta Tooling has developed along with Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation and Suminoe Textile Co, Ltd.
It has the dual qualities of providing softness at pressure points, while also maintaining secure support across a surface.
The three-dimensional weave of the 3D-NET's polyester fibers ensures the material's ventilating and heat-retaining qualities.
3D-NET Cross-section
It is structurally similar to groupings of small springs and dampers, which create cushioning properties that are very different than those of conventional knit materials.
SN2 QUALIT FLAT shape but good supportability
"Isn't it possible to make a seat where a driver can easily drive as keeping good posture in spite of having such a flat shape as is easy to get on and off ?" This was our development issue of SN2. SN2 has the innovative concept that absorbs the acceleration of the right and left direction during the cornering not by side support but by converting it into the acceleration of the anteroposterior and vertical direction. Feeling slight shaking of a body was reduced and a sense of unity with a car improved. In a daily casual driving, you can enjoy more relaxed driving.

Pendulum suspension structure/Double torsion bar/Lumbar support/Mu-Len leather/Lever reclining(2°pitch)/Built-in seat rail/Weight:14.0㎏(inc. seat rail)
There are a driver's seat and a passenger seat.
Standard type Base pice ¥280,000
※Mounting bracket is necessary for installing a seat to a vehicle. (¥15,000~)
SN2 QUALITY Seat wraps up a body and protects it.

Energy absorption structure by secondary buckling phenomenon

Tension structure seat (Net seat) has a structure where the upper part of a back frame and the net streched tightly on the back frame support posture and perform a function which protects a occupant. Monocoque frame by hemming with 2 sheet materials has a structure which achieves high rigidity as being light weight.
Installation example:Mazda CX-5

Support variable structure that changes according to the acceleration
Cushion structure of SN2 is variable structure that changes supportability according to increase and decrease of inertial force. It makes it possible to keep riding posture by holding a body when there are disturbance from a road and heavy brakes. On the other hand, it usually provides comfortable riding posture in a nonconstrained state. Especially, it enables to keep posture without depending on age, a physique, and muscle strength. Elderly people also can enjoy a drive feeling little stress.
SN2 QUALITY 4 types of riding comfort
Standard type and 3 tuned types
[Standard type]
It is basic tuning .
[High load type]
Strengthens hold and improves the posture stability of a heavy person.
[Short-middle distance concentration type]
It lets a driver keep a high concentrated state up to 2 hours.
[Middle-long distance relaxed type]
It is superior in creating the relaxed posture and enables to drive in comfort for 4-8 hours or for more hours.
※ All prices above include tax.