Measuring human comfort based on pulse wave chaos analysis
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State screening system judges a driver's condition, such as fatigue or drowsiness, in real time by fluctuation analysis of Aortic Pulse Wave (APW). Here is a warning seat for drowsy driving using this system.
■Joint Development: Prediction of Sleep Research Group(University of Tokyo,
     Oita University, Shimane Institute of Health Science)
      Vascular Elasticity Research Group(Hiroshima University,
      Nihon Kohden Corporation, Hiroshima Prefectural
     Technology Research Institute and others)
■Subsidy: Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency
     (Promotion programs of basic study in the field of transportaion)
     Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
     (Local innovation creation, research and development business)
You don't have to put a sensor on your body. When you just sit on a seat, a waveguide sensor which is put inside the seat detects fluctuation of APW.
2010 Won Minister's Award of the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Warning System against Drowsy Driving
Warning against driver's fatigue and drowsiness
Sleep Buster is the system which captures signs of drowsy driving using detection sensor APW and warns a driver. (Released in Febrary 2012.)
This product was jointly developed by Prediction of Sleep Research Group and commercialized by Delta Tooling.,Co,.Ltd. This technology received a Minister's Award of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism at the Merit Award of the Industry-Academia-Government Coolaboration 2010.
Sleep Buster captures Aortic Pulse Wave (APW) which occurs in a driver's upper body by a sensor on a car seat. It judges the driver's fatigue state with 6 levels by fluctuation analysis of this APW. This system warns against a change of concentration or a sudden change of a physical condition such as hypnagogic signs phenomenon by using a display and sounds in order to encourage the driver to take a break or a nap.