Magneto-spring Suspension Unit

This suspension unit takes advantage of the strength of permanent magnets and exhibits surprising damping capabilities within a narrow stroke
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The magneto-spring suspension unit combines a positive/negative "magneto-spring" with spring properties derived from the repulsion force of similar poles and the attraction force of opposite poles of a set of magnets; in combination with a metal spring assembly, it achieves vibration damping within a very short stroke of 40mm. The unit's damping properties can be fine-tuned by adjusting the magnets' positions, the metal spring's force, etc. in response to the type of vibrations to which it will be exposed.
As with a typical spring, the unit combines a torsion bar with linear load properties and a magneto-spring with non-linear load properties to create a "spring-zero" state of consistent load, independent of the amount of flexure. The "Spring-zero" condition accomplishes phase control and exhibits effective damping to curb vibration.
This suspension unit's design incorporates permanent magnets, so doesn't require a power source; it is extremely durable, as it is virtually maintenance-free.
Due to the phase control provided by the magneto-spring, this unit absorbs vibration across a much smaller stroke compared to a damper that the converts it to heat energy to be absorbed. Absorption of the same vibration is accomplished within half the stroke length of a traditional damper, which makes the unit's extremely compact design possible.
The magneto-spring used in this suspension unit incorporates magnets facing each other left to right and separate magnets in between that move vertically; in this manner, reaction force and attraction force create an upward spring force on the upper side of the neutral seated position, and also create a downward spring force on the lower side of the neutral position.
The magneto-spring suspension unit is currently available as an option on the Mitsubishi Canter light-duty truck seat for increased vibration reduction.