We are challenging quest and technology development for comfort in "sitting" in next generation ,by Mu-Len products(3D-Net) and Magneto Spring.

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January 15, 2013 Exhibited car seats with sensor at Tokyo Auto Salon 2013.
May 24, 2012 Exhibited development history of warning seat for drowsy driving, lightweight seat, NA4 prototype at Automotive Engineering Exhibition 2012.
February 2, 2012 Released "Sleep Buster"- warning system of drowsy driving.
January 15, 2012 Exhibited lightweight seats at Tokyo Auto Salon 2012.Exhibited lightweight seat at Tokyo Auto Salon 2012.
December. 11, 2011 Exhibited original lightweight seats at Tokyo Motor Show 2012.
May. 20, 2011 Exhibited original lightweight seats at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2011.
April. 26, 2010 Exhibited lightweight seats and state screening system at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2010.
February. 9, 2010 Exhibited lightweight seats at Tokyo Auto Salon 2010.
February. 9, 2010 Exhibited lightweight seats and warning seat for drowsy dribing at Tokyo Motor Show 2009.
July. 14, 2009 Released new colors of RS-3 NEXA.
July. 14, 2009 Saddle cover for a bicycle, "Rakunori master" is on sale.
Lower back pain during a long drive, the discomfort of the seat surface--such worries are solved all at once.
The seatback of the Mu-Len Drive car seat gently supports the body and provides the sensation of being wrapped in comfort like never before.
The surface rigidity of the seat cushion creates a comfortable ride by eliminating pressure points, which hinder proper blood circulation.
Have you ever experienced pain in your neck and hips, after waking from a restless sleep?
Rolling over, as well as blood circulation, temperature, and humidity, are important factors in achieving a comfortable sleep.
The Mu-Len Suimin Master makes comfortable sleep a reality; it achieves posture support with muscle-like characteristics, pinpointing support areas with a "zero spring" during sleep, while also providing good air circulation.
Its effectiveness as nursing care products, such effects as easing bed sore has also been proved.
It can be said that the car seat is what the passenger is most "in touch" with..
The big differences between a car seat and a chair are the car's vibrations and inertia force.
The key to comfort is how to absorb these forces--
Medic Master is the world's first "magnetically suspended" bed for use in ambulances; it utilizes the static magnetic energy of a permanent magnet, with no need for a power supply of any kind.
Not only a "floating" surface, it also effectively dampens vibration, reducing vibration stress experienced by the patient, particularly by reducing the risk of blood concentrating in the patients' head due to the bed's nose-diving while in transit.
Moreover, it received the 2000 "Small/Medium Business Enterprises Mechanical Development Award" and the 2003 "Good Design Award" for overall excellence of design.