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Introducing the muscle-like cushioning properties of 3D-Net construction, and the results of tests performed to evaluate it
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With a structure the resembles a network of tiny springs and dampers, achieved by using a polyester thread and a three-dimensional weaving technique, the three-dimensional solid textile that we call "3D-Net" has cushioning properties unlike any other conventional woven textile.
The net's thickness can be adjusted within a range of 1.5 - 13 mm
Features of its "solid" structure:
Cushioning properties
Ventilating and Heat-retaining properties
Distribution of body pressure
Materials can be selected to meet requirements such as durability, heat resistance, etc.; chemical recycling is possible
Thread gage:
Multi-filament, 150D - 1300D
Mono-filament, 200D - 800D
Product strength can be fine-tuned by selection of thread material and gage
This textile's construction incorporates surface and backing fabrics (knitting fabrics) linked together with a pile yarn.
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With the 3D-Net's excellent ventilating and heat-retaining properties, the same level of humidity can be maintained in both the back and chest areas.

Test conditions: Ambient temperature 25 degrees C; humidity level 50%
Compared conditions: Humidity characteristics due to mattress differences (comparison of back and chest areas)
3D-Net places less burden on the body's muscles compared to low-resilience urethane over an extended period of sitting.
Force Distribution of Urethane Force Distribution of 3D-Net