Medic Master

The magneto-spring's force "levitates"the frame, absorbing vibration that a patient is subjected to in an ambulance.
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The Medic Master is the world's first magnetic levitation vibration-isolating frame that utilizes the magnetostatic energy of permanent magnets.
Recipient of the 30th
Small/Medium Business Enterprises "Mechanical Development Award"
Recipient of the 2004 JPO Intellectual Property Award from commissioner of Patents.
Recipient of the 2003 Good Design Award
The stretcher is "levitated" by the repulsion force between the permanent magnets'N and S poles; this is combined with the negative spring force of a metal spring to mitigate vibration. It possesses a levitation force in excess of 150kg, which makes it very difficult for vibrations to be transmitted, creating a very smooth ride.
Because the Medic Master does not use electricity, it can be washed clean using something as simple as a hose, so it can be maintained like new on a semi-permanent basis.
The Medic Master's structure incorporates permanent magnets, so does not require a power source. For that reason, the electrical (gasoline) usage required to operate the vibration-isolating frame while the ambulance is in transit is zero.
Additionally, an ambulance is recharged before being put into service, and then converts gasoline into electricity while in use, which causes exhaust gases; our product can help make the process a bit more environmentally friendly.
There is no measurable emission of electromagnetic waves from the Medic Master. Even when it is in use and under vibration conditions, it does not emit electromagnetic waves such as a cell phone does. In addition, the Medic Master's magnetic field doesn't negatively affect pacemakers, magnetic cards, medical devices or displays, so has high shielding qualities. The technology to visually depict the invisible magnetic field is currently in development.
MODEL NA-4 片振り子方式
Damping structure of NA-4 adopts the link mechanism of "Pendulum system" which consists of the four-bar linkage mechanism to absorb vertical vibration and anteroposterior acceleration. This system gives little stress to the circulatory system. This system enables the passive jerk control which deals with acceleration and deceleration of a vehicle. And It also deals with the nose-dive.